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I think my time on Tumblr may be at an end. I’ve not had time to blog much in the last while, been uninspired to blog and have been jaded by interwebs security drama which is why its been quiet here (but somehow I’ve managed to gain followers, that’s kinda cool). I’m not going to delete the blog, and hopefully there’ll be enough of a back catalogue that more will stumble across some tunes they like but I won’t be checking in for a while.
Too much other stuff going on…



Painting Myself Into a Corner by Keith Haring (1979)

Absolutely love this!

(via cinefamily)

The Waterboys

—Fisherman's Blues


i wish i was a fisherman tumbling on the seas
far away from dry land and its bitter memories
casting out my sweet line with abandonment and love
no ceiling bearing down on me save the starry sky above
with light in my head, you in my arms

The most popular bands from London Boroughs

The most popular bands from London Boroughs